Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How effective is Website Content Writing

Inviting visitors to your website is easier when there is compelling and relevant content written in your pages. If a person finds your page useful, your site is just one click away from being shared to the social networking feeds. From there, if at least one person finds it useful, then it can easily go viral. Before you know it, your whole article is trending on Facebook and Twitter.

How do you make this happen? You need to invest in good, creative website content writing.

Advantage of written web content – increased page views

Well-written content benefits your site not just today but in the next few months (or even years). With each good article that people share and read, that is a page view to your credit. Remember that Google counts the amount of time a person spends on your site. So if a user just bounces back (loads your page then quickly exits), then Google assumes that either they didn’t find what they are looking for or there is something wrong with the actual page. You don’t want this to happen.

Increase your page views by:

•    Making your articles easy to read. Avoid single articles that are more than 1,000 words long.
•    Provide a glossary for tech terms so that an average person can fully understand what your article is about.
•    Hyperlink references and resources.
•    Link back to old posts that are related to your current one for easier navigation.
•    Use an easy-on-the-eyes font across your entire site.

Value-added service for your product

You also boost the value of your product when you have well-written, thoughtful and insightful website content. Here’s an example on how an online vendor for iPhone 5s cases can boost its value through good articles:

•    Write about how you can prevent Home button damage to your iPhone 5s
•    Create infographics about which casing type is most popular in the country
•    Feature an update brought to you by the iOS update
•    Post a step-by-step tutorial on how to update apps using the iPhone 5s
•    Do a side-by-side comparison of an iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 5s

Improved brand credibility with relevant website content

Your brand also benefits from well-written content. It tells your customers that you spend time and money on cleaning up your content. You are staffed by educated people and you value each customer a lot, which is why you are providing them more than what they are paying for with value-added services.