Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Top 3 Qualities of a Winning SEO Company in the Philippines

Choosing the right SEO Company to strategize and then execute your tactics is a very important step to ensure that your business grows rapidly today. Without the right momentum, you can easily lose your business to your competitors who have the right support and machinery to execute digital campaigns.

It is easy to think that digital marketing and advertising is cheaper and easier compared to the traditional ones, there are still a lot of things to consider when partnering with a digital agency. We have the three most important attributes that your selected SEO company MUST have.

Always Aware of the Latest Trends

Look for a team that is always staying updated with the trends. It does not matter if the trend is proven true or not, as long as they are aware and fully understand what the latest news are, then that is a great first step.

Why is it important that the SEO company is updated with the latest news? It is important because news can bring potential changes to your overall SEO strategy. For example, the Google Hummingbird update down prioritizes keyword use in your content and instead, captures contextual words used together with some keywords. You wont be seeing the keywords in your Google Analytics data, too.

Always Using the Latest Technology

Observe through interviews and demonstrations of their portfolio if the team is using the latest technology. This applies not just for SEO practices but also for tools used for efficiency across the team.

When it comes to standard SEO practices, you don’t want to be associated with a team that is doing black hat or practices that most probably lead to penalties from Google. This will just burn your money quickly and worse, set you back in the SEO rankings instead of improving your score.

Always Using the Best Tools

What tools are needed to make sure that the SEO guys are able to do their jobs properly? Apart from Google analytics (the creation of funnels for goal conversion, checking of daily traffic and live data), your future team must use one of the following:

•    Adobe Site Catalyst
•    Your Eyes
•    Google Webmaster tools
•    Majestic SEO

There are free tools that are great and there are premium tools that are worth every penny that you invest in it. It is important that your SEO team understands which tools are worth investing in so that they can do and check their work quickly.